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Simplify your money transfers and stay on track towards your financial goals.

Wire Transfers

Incoming Wire Transfers

If you are receiving an ACH transfer or a wire transfer at NYU FCU, please make sure to supply the sender with the following:

Routing number: 226082129
Receiving Financial Institution: NYU Federal Credit Union
Address of Financial Institution: 726 Broadway, Suite 110, New York, NY 10003
Final Credit to: Your name and your NYU FCU account number

Please note there is a $10 charge for incoming international wire transfers. 

The NYU Federal Credit Union does not have a SWIFT code. International financial institutions must transfer funds to their US correspondent bank, who would then wire the funds with the above information.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

To send a wire transfer, please complete this Domestic Wire Transfer Form or an International Wire Transfer Form.

Please use the dropdown below to check to make sure that NYU FCU can send an International Wire Transfer to the country of your choice*

*Country availability subject to change.

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