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Our credit cards are the perfect companions for life's adventures and success stories.

A credit card can provide numerous benefits and conveniences in managing personal finances. It offers a flexible payment option, allowing you to make purchases and pay them off over time. Credit cards also provide a secure method for online shopping and offer additional perks such as rewards programs, cashback, travel benefits, and purchase protection.

MasterCard Credit Card

MasterCard Type
Annual Fees
Max Initial Credit Limit
CU Travel Hotel Dollars
8.9% (6.9% for the first 6 months)
ScoreCard Rewards + CU Travel Hotel Dollars
7.9% (5.9% for the first 6 months)
ScoreCard Rewards + CU Travel Hotel Dollars

Learn more about ScoreCard Rewards

Learn more about CU Travel

Balance Transfers

Transfer all of your high interest credit card balances onto the NYU FCU Credit Card.


Given qualifying credit history, credit score and income on our Platinum and Gold Credit Cards, we will allow balance transfers up to $50,000. The rate we offer for balance transfers is the same as that on purchases. However, your permanent credit limit will be determined based on your income. 

For any loan over $10,000 a credit score over 740 is required. Our general requirement is a credit score of at least 620, good standing credit history and debt to income below 45%.

Secured MasterCard Credit Card

If you have no credit history or have been denied for a credit card before, the Secured Credit Card is for you.


The Secured Credit Card is just like the Classic Credit card, however, we require a 125% pledge in the savings account for the duration that the credit card is open. You would pay the credit card monthly and if you were to default the funds would be taken from the pledge of 125% of the credit limit to pay off the credit card. The activity on the Secured Credit Card reports to all three credit agencies and is ideal for helping a new graduate or immigrant or simply anyone who doesn't have great credit already build up their credit history.


A NYU FCU share account is required. Along with all of the necessary documents for a credit card, you will need to sign a Pledge of shares agreement. The deposit of the collateral pledge of 125% of the line of credit must be made.


The minimum credit limit is $500 on the Secured Credit Card.

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