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Loans for every chapter of

your life.

We offer a variety of personal loans that you can use for going on your dream vacation, holiday shopping or any other discretionary purchases.

Personal Loans

​A personal loan can provide the financial support needed for various purposes. Whether you're planning a major life event, such as a wedding or home renovation, or facing unexpected expenses like medical bills or car repairs, a personal loan can help bridge the gap.

Vacation + Holiday Loans

A vacation or holiday loan can be a valuable solution when you're looking to embark on a much-needed getaway. It allows you to enjoy your vacation without draining your savings or disrupting your regular budget. By opting for a vacation loan, you can cover expenses such as travel costs, accommodations, activities, and even dining, ensuring that you have a stress-free and memorable vacation experience.

12-month maximum term. Loan amounts: $500 - $3,000.

Eligible for a 0.25% interest rate reduction with Auto Payment- must complete Modification of Interest Rate form

Bill Consolidation Loans

A bill consolidation loan can be beneficial when you're struggling with multiple high-interest debts and want to simplify your finances. By consolidating your bills into a single loan, you can streamline your payments and potentially reduce your overall interest rates, saving you money in the long run. It provides a structured repayment plan, making it easier to manage your debt and regain control of your financial situation.

60-month maximum term. Loan amounts: $500 - $45,000. For any loan over $10,000 a credit score over 640 is required.

Eligible for a 0.25% interest rate reduction with Auto Payment- must complete Modification of Interest Rate form

Share Secured Loans

Have a problem keeping the money you saved in an account, while new expenses keep popping up? Take a loan against your share account balance at the credit union. We will lend you 95% of your collected share balance at the following terms:

12 months at 2.5%

36 months at 2.75%

60 months at 3.5%

120 months at 4%.

Credit Builder Loans

A credit builder loan is designed for individuals who have a limited or poor credit history and want to improve their creditworthiness. By taking out a credit builder loan, borrowers can establish a positive payment history, which is crucial for building a strong credit profile. Regular, on-time payments on the loan can help demonstrate creditworthiness and increase their credit score over time, opening doors to better loan terms, lower interest rates, and improved financial opportunities.

The maximum loan amount is $1000, Min - $500. Max term is 12 months.
For example, if you qualify for $1000 loan, the entire amount is deposited into your savings account. As payments are made, you would gradually gain access to the savings account.

Life Happens Loans

A Life Happens loan can provide much-needed financial assistance during unexpected and challenging situations. It serves as a safety net for emergencies, such as medical expenses, home repairs, or unexpected job loss. This type of loan offers quick access to funds, allowing individuals to navigate through unforeseen circumstances and cover essential expenses without compromising their financial stability.

Max term: 12 months

Must be NYU employee for more than 2 years, a member for at least 6 months, must have a checking account with a payroll deduction or direct deposit at the NYUFCU and no other loans at the NYUFCU. Must list supervisor contact information on Reference Form. Credit score not less than 520. 

Quick Cash Loans

If you face any unexpected expenses, need extra cash or are short on funds between paydays, a Quick Cash Loan can help. This loan is for emergencies. 

  • $250-$500 loan amount

  • 0% interest rate

  • $25 fee

  • No minimum credit score required, however credit report will be pulled to verify affordability of the loan.

  • Maximum term- 4 months

  • Maximum of two Quick Cash loans per 12 month period. Previous loan must be paid off prior to any future applications. If any Quick Cash loan becomes more than 29 days delinquent, the borrower will not eligible to apply for Quick Cash loans in the future.

  • Must be employed with current employer for at least 2 years; you will be required to present copies of your two (2) most recent pay-stubs and W-2 for the last 2 years as proof of employment.

  • Must provide two references- one must be a direct supervisor.

  • Loans granted to individual borrowers only.

  • Quick Cash loan will not be approved if the monthly payment exceeds 20% of the member’s net pay for a given pay period.

  • Monthly or weekly automatic payments available. Payroll deduction will be required to be set up for payment.

Personal Loans
Vacation + Holiday Loans
Bill Consolidation Loans
Share Secured Loans
Credit Builder Loans
Life Happens Loan
Quick Cash Loan
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